Certified Stucco and EIF

Stanley Yansick is certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) as a Level 1 Stucco and EIFS inspector and a Level 11 Building Envelope Inspector.

Moisture intrusion of exterior wall systems can cause thousands of dollars of damage and could also be a health concern as mold growth can occur. He has been doing inspections of stucco and EIFS systems for about 5 years. In all that time about 99% of the systems he has evaluated have had some problem; mostly with installation that could be a concern for moisture intrusion of the system. Once moisture enters the system, it is usually trapped behind the system. Once trapped, it causes the wood structure to begin to rot and mold growth occurs. There are some images at the bottom of this page that show damage to a home from moisture intrusion.

We have various testing methods depending on your situation that help us find suspect areas for moisture intrusion. We can do strictly visual non-intrusive testing using moisture meters and possibly infrared cameras to give us ideas of suspect areas. We can also do intrusive testing that would help us make a more definitive answer as to whether there is moisture intrusion of the exterior wall system. If you are purchasing a home with stucco or EIFS or if you already own a home with these systems, or if you suspect moisture problems with any exterior wall system please give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Stanley Yansick is highly experienced in detecting problems before they become serious. We offer a variety of related services, including:

* Noninvasive Testing

* Moisture Intrusion Analysis

* Invasive Probe Investigation and Testing

* Phase Construction Reporting

* Building Consultant

Quality Assurance and Peer Review:

* Phase Construction Reporting

* Code Compliance

* Construction Defect Restoration Recommendations

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